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McMinnville Linux and Unix Users Group
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28th-Jul-2010 09:22 am - FreeBSD
What are your thoughts on this Unix-derivative?
10th-Nov-2005 05:14 am - MC-LUUG Meeting
When? Monday at 5 pm
Where? Ryan's of McMinnville
Why? To discuss Linux, Unix, computers, and whatever else we can think of
28th-Mar-2005 07:54 am - Next Meeting
The next MC-LUUG meeting will be at 4 pm at Ryan's in McMinnville. I've yet to set a date, but as soon as I get my work schedule, I will. I just figured I'd through up a time. If you know of a better place then Ryan's to hold the meeting, speak up.
2nd-Jun-2004 06:24 pm - Next MC-LUUG Meeting
Next Meeting

  • When: 5 June 2004 at 3 pm

  • Where: Waffle House

  • Who: Memebers and potential members

  • Agenda: Discussing ways to attract new members and how the group should

More information (such as which Waffle House and driving directions) available here. x-posted to darkknightradic
22nd-May-2004 02:43 pm - A Secure System How-To
This document assumes you already have your system set up to send and receive mail locally therefore discussion of MTA's is beyond the scope of this document.

First lets start with what we need to secure our Linux-based computer.Collapse )

I hope you all enjoyed this little Secure System How-To. Feel free to give feedback in comments. This document is protected under the GNU Free Documentation License.

edit: sorry about the formatting.
3rd-May-2004 12:50 am(no subject)
ph34r the TuX!
29th-Mar-2004 08:23 pm - Interesting
So I found this new Linux distribution called Astaro Security Linux and I downloaded a trial version. I found it at Processor.com. Has anyone else had any experience with this distro?
28th-Mar-2004 01:33 pm - Long Time No Update
Why has it been so long? 'cause I'm apathetic about the whole thing atm. No one around here is interested and the one person who was I scared off when I went psycho a few months back.

Well, I'm not psycho anymore but definitely still apathetic.

Perhaps before I leave for CO someone will show up around here who isn't apathetic.
19th-Mar-2004 01:56 pm(no subject)
i'm moving to mcminnville in about a month. any suggestions / warnings ?
20th-Dec-2003 08:25 am - Linux: A Numbers Game
There are some people wanting us to believe that Linux only has .5% (at most) of the desktop market when in actuality it is much higher. For proof of this you cannot look at the number of computers sold with Linux already installed, although Wal-Mart is changing that. What you do have to look at is the number of unique downloads of Linux distrobutions. For an even better view on actual Linux numbers, user your favorite newsserver to locate Linux related news groups or go find out how many people are active in the various LUGs. Chances are they'll be able to point you to even more people who aren't on Usenet or the myriad mailing lists or LUGs There are literally hundreds of newsgroups devoted to various aspetcst of Linux (which in all fairness, only specifies the Kernel) and of the 10 or 20 that I subscribe to, they literally have hundreds of members each (after removing known duplicate identities and trolls). While the news group and download numbers may not be spectacularly accurate, a more accurate number can be reached (servers excluded). With just the desktop market, it is estimated that 6-8% of desktop computers are running Linux, which is completely amazing given how young it is compared to the juggarnaut of Microsoft. What is even more amazing is it reached this number just by word of mouth on the internet. It is the grassroots efforts that have helped Linux become accepted both by the home user and by giant meta-national corporations such as IBM. If you look at the numbers from the following links, you can clearly see that not only are the numbers extremely inaccurate that many people (mostly Microsoft supporters) would have us believe, but many polls of this sort are made dubius when it is learned who paid for (in whole or in part) for the poll to be conducted. Yes, these are Linux related sites so I expect their numbers to be a bit off/exeggerated as well, but not by nearly as much as any poll sponsored by MS would be. Perhaps it is just my own geek bias (although I have used both Windows and Linux).

The rest of the article can be found at @political

x-posted to darkknightradic
1st-Sep-2003 11:45 am - Protesting Software Patents
In a rather late move, we have decied to join the protest against software patents in not only Europe, but ANY country. We would like to ask every other software project, OSS or otherwise, join us in protesting this revolting development.

In more sublime news, the 13 September meeting is still on, although an installfest we were planning for 6 September is canceled until we can find a semi-permanent venue to hold it in.
13th-Jul-2003 11:56 pm - Website Update
MC-LUUG's website has been updated with new sections added.

12 July 2003 was a bust. Even my IBM was against me in this one.

Next meeting is 9 August at the McMinnville Waffle House from 2-4 pm.

For more go to our website
5th-Jul-2003 12:57 pm - Site is Back Up
MC-LUUG's website is now available again.
2nd-Jul-2003 03:16 pm - [MC-LUUG]Installfest Notes
The second montly installfest of MC-LUUG will be held on 12 July 2003 in McMinnville, TN (location TBA on 5 July 2003). No special events planned.

Also discussion of starting advocacy sessions at local high school and middle schools to both teachers and students on the benefits of Linux vs. M$; discussion of future events; general geek camaraderie expected.
22nd-Jun-2003 05:08 pm - Update
My website is back up. I'll slowly be bringing things back online, but first I want to finalize some things with the Perl program I'm using for the message board. If successful, things are fixing to get a lot more wiggy on my comp. What does this have to do with the LUG?

The MC-LUUG website should be up sometime by the middle of next month (hopefully before the next installfest), depending on the success I have with the above website.
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